In the beginning stages of a divorce, parents in Illinois must decide how they will help their children handle the many significant life changes headed their way. An attorney is likely to tell Cook County parents going through child custody arrangements that they should work together to make the transition easier for the family. One of the most significant changes that children of divorce often face involves the creation of two separate households for mom and dad.

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three ways to help your child

Many experts agree that a disruption to a child’s routine can result in serious consequences. However, it is also suggested that children are better able to cope with the changes with the help of their parents. Making two homes comfortable for a child can be a challenge, but it is possible.

  1. Avoid competition

In many divorce cases, spouses decided to separate due to their inability to get along. It is not always easy for parents to work together after they are divorced, but issues regarding their children should be an exception. It is natural for a parent to want to please their child, but doing so to get even with an ex-spouse should be avoided. This is not the time for one-upping, but is the time for reassurance and a focus on comfort in both places.

  1. Stick to a schedule

Maintaining regularity between two residences can be challenging, but sticking to a routine is an ideal way to stay on top of a child custody arrangement. It may be a good idea to have calendars in both homes that provide visual reminders of what days the children are to be with either parent. Consistency can help children and parents stay on the same page, no matter where the visitation schedule requires the children to be.

  1. Let the child get involved

During a divorce, some children feel uncomfortable with the lack of control in their lives. This can make adjustment even harder on kids and parents. If one or both parents moves into a new home, a child custody attorney may suggest that Cook County parents provide a personal space for each child. During setup, allowing each child to have a say in how their room or area should look can put some control back into his or her hands.

Ending a marriage is rarely easy, especially for any children involved. A child custody attorney in Cook County may be able to help parents navigate through this tricky process.