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Does staging a property increase chances of selling it?

Before selling their house, many homeowners in Illinois perform a thorough cleaning, take care of minor repairs and mow their front lawn to make a good impression on potential buyers. However, sellers who wish to find a buyer as quickly as possible may want to consider letting a professional stage

Compare neighborhood prices on property before making an offer

For many potential homebuyers in Illinois, finding the house of their dreams is easy while determining what to bid on it is a challenge. Although there are many components that impact how much buyers should offer on a house, a crucial part of making an offer includes comparing prices on similar

Before buying property, look at the property’s zoning

Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by municipalities in Illinois to regulate how land is used and developed within state borders. The main purpose of zoning laws is to divide municipalities into commercial, residential and industrial districts. Within these three districts, additional

Zombie titles haunt property owners

When homeowners in Illinois receive a notice of foreclosure from their bank, many move out of their home as soon as possible. However, in some situations, the bank will not follow through on the foreclosure and the title of the property will stay in the name of the owner who thought that they no

What happens in a final walk-through?

A final walk-through is an inspection performed a few days or a few hours on a home before the future owners close on the property. The purpose of a walk-through is to ensure that the home is still in the same condition as agreed upon, that any repairs were done and that nothing is wrong with the

Do your research before investing in real estate

Investing in real estate can provide property owners in Illinois with a constant and stable source of extra income. However, to ensure that investing in real estate is a profitable endeavor, those interested in buying residential property should perform extensive research. Consider the

What does a home inspection cover?

When buyers look at a new home in Illinois, they often get caught up in their emotions. This can make it difficult for buyers to imagine any problems with the property. A home inspection alerts purchasers to any problems with the home and can be a tool for negotiation with the seller.  What

What is Illinois’ equitable distribution law?

Illinois equitable distribution law states that in the case of a divorce, all marital property will be equally distributed. The types of marital property that are considered during these proceedings include homes, cars, bank accounts, furniture and investment accounts. The law describes marital

Who pays for children’s college expenses in an Illinois divorce?

Photo By: 123RF Divorce is never easy, but it can be especially complicated when children are involved. Child support is obviously a critical component of any divorce settlement. However, there are many other more subtle issues to consider. One important consideration is how college expenses will

Assets in Lieu of Alimony: What You Need to Know in Illinois

Image Credit: 123RF When a divorcing couple fails to negotiate an asset division settlement and takes the matter to divorce court, they are leaving much of the outcome in the hands of the judge. Illinois state law gives divorce court judges a wide degree of latitude when it comes to splitting