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Day care expenses are one of the most significant costs associated with having a child. According to a CNN article, child care is by far the largest household expense for most parents and Illinois is among the top five least affordable states for infant child care.

Not only are child care costs substantial, but they are on the rise. According to a recent report from Child Care Aware of America, the annual costs of infant child care increased approximately 2 percent from 2011 to 2012 and the cost of providing care of a four-year-old increased by more than 4 percent.

Day care expenses are generally considered “variable expenses” pursuant to a child support order. Variable expenses include those reasonable expenses above the basic support costs, such as food and clothing, associated with raising a child. Variable expenses can cover things like day care expenses, school tuitions, special needs, and extracurricular activities.

Most child support orders specify how variable expenses will be handled by each parent. Sporadic variable expenses may be paid in full by one parent with that parent then submitting receipts to the other spouse for whole or partial reimbursement. Predetermined expenses, like day care costs, may be specifically addressed in the child support order with one parent required to pay costs to the other parent or the child care provider upfront.

In order for changes in day care expenses to take effect, a modification to the child support order must be entered. In order for a child support modification to be granted, however, the court must find that there has been a substantial change in circumstances of one or both parents. In determining whether to modify an existing child support order, a court will consider all of the circumstances, including the current day care expenses, the costs of alternate day care options, and the parents’ respective incomes, among other factors.

Child support is often one of the most highly contested areas of family law and establishing a fair child support structure that takes into account practical parenting expenses, such as day care costs, is no simple task. At the Law Offices of Scott D. Rogoff, our Des Plaines child support attorney understands the complex emotional and legal issues that are involved with child support issues. He approaches these issues with the sensitivity demanded by such matters.

Chicago child support attorney Scott D. Rogoff will help you establish a fair child support arrangement that can protect your interests, while also ensuring that your child’s needs are met, including ensuring that adequate day care arrangements are satisfied.

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