Two kids are remote learning and shown on a teacher's computer screen

COVID-19 has changed many things for parents, and school changes may have an impact on parenting arrangements when children need to do school from home. Parents may need the services of a child custody attorney to work out these situations so their children can continue to get excellent schooling and parenting even in these unusual times.

Parenting Plans Remain Valid During Remote Learning

The bottom line about these new situations is this: parenting plans set in place prior to COVID-19 remain in place unless changed by the court. Both parents need to understand this. Changing the parenting plan requires actual modifications with the help of a child custody attorney.

School Closures Does Not Signal Summer Schedules

Many parents who are divorced have different custody schedules during the summer compared to the school year. When schools closed at the start of the pandemic in March, many wondered if they were entering their summer schedule. The answer to this question is no. School buildings were closed, but the schools were still open. It simply moved to a virtual format. The same remains true for the 2020/2021 school year. Parents and children should maintain their school year parenting agreement during the actual school year, even if the schooling is happening remotely.

Child Supervision Can Be Problematic

One issue that parents face with remote schooling is providing proper supervision. If the custodial parent works full time outside of the home, they may not be able to supervise their remote learning child. It is possible that parents will need the services of a child custody attorney to help set up temporary parenting plan agreements that allow the child to be supervised and safe during the school day.

Disagreements During COVID and Remote Learning

These new circumstances can create disagreements among parents as they try to figure out how to monitor and supervise their children during remote learning. Parents who do not have regular physical custody may find it difficult to get their children’s records if the other parent creates roadblocks. It’s important for parents to know that they still have the legal right to these records, unless there is a legal document in place preventing them from accessing them. If an ex-spouse refuses to comply, it may be time to seek the help of a child custody attorney to get help.