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Child Support

Paying For College: Child Support Considerations

Twenty-two out of the 33 hottest career fields require college degrees, and determining who will pay for college expenses is frequently hotly litigated in Illinois child support cases. Judges consider a number of different factors when they are determining how to divide college tuition and

New Guidelines on Child Support in Illinois

Calculating child support in Illinois is no longer a simple matter of calculating percentages. Beginning in July 1, 2017, courts in the state will begin using new calculations that are designed to make sharing the expenses of raising children more equitable. Existing child support guidelines

New Divorce Laws May Impact Your Child’s College Education

On January 1, 2016, changes that impact college expenses for non-minor children were made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Changes to Section 513 of this act may alter current obligations of divorced parents with children in college. Recent changes and the impact they have

What You Don’t Know About Deadbeat Dads

While the impact that deadbeat dads have on their children is significant, their ability to provide financial support or spend quality time with their kids is often largely out of their control. Deadbeat dad is a phrase that is often used in the modern United States to describe a father who has

Child Abduction by Parents. What the Law Says.

In Illinois, specific laws cover the topics of parenting time and visitation, and failure to follow a court order could lead to serious consequences. When a parent takes or hides a child from the other parent with sole or joint parental responsibilities, it can be frightening. It is also illegal.

How Custodial Parents Can Calculate & Collect Child Support

The divorce is finalized, and child support has been awarded to the custodial parent. For many, it's a moment that brings great relief as it means that there will be money to buy groceries, pay utilities, cover education expenses, and provide housing to children following the divorce. Then, the

How is Child Support Calculated

Whether parents are married or unmarried, both are legally responsible for supporting their child(ren). Chicago parents are subject to minimum amounts for child support, which is calculated according to how many children are being supported by the non-custodial parent, in addition to his or her

Registering an Administrative Child Support Order in Illinois

Child support orders are common outcomes of divorce and child custody cases, especially when one parent receives sole physical custody. All child support orders serve the same purpose: to outline the specific financial responsibilities of one parent and ensure all child care costs are covered.

3 ways to help your child adjust to having 2 homes

In the beginning stages of a divorce, parents in Illinois must decide how they will help their children handle the many significant life changes headed their way. An attorney is likely to tell Cook County parents going through child custody arrangements that they should work together to make the

Consider asking for a life insurance policy to cover child support obligations

When couples in Illinois divorce, the court often orders one or both parents to make support payments for the living expenses, education, medical care and other basic needs of their children. Child support is designed to help couples attain the goals that they had in mind for their children before