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Following a few simple steps can enable divorcing couples to maintain friendly terms during a divorce. Friendly interactions, mutual respect, and open communication are more likely to bring about positive outcomes for divorcing spouses and their children.

Friendly divorces are not the norm. For some divorcing partners, a friendly divorce is near impossible. Regardless of why a marriage ends, both people should endeavor to move beyond resentment for past behavior and indiscretions. A family law attorney can protect the rights of clients who are going through a divorce. These tips can guide couples to a friendly divorce and the best possible outcome.

What is in the best interest of children?

For most parents, feelings for the other spouse may have changed but their love for their children will always remain strong. Unfortunately, in the throes of a divorce, the best interest of children often becomes secondary to the parents’ personal conflicts and efforts to get the better of their former spouse. Courts do not make divorce rulings based on revenge and who should win an argument. When emotions begin running wild in a divorce, parents should take time to consider what is the best outcome for their children. It is then that both parties are likely to find some common ground and opportunity for agreement.

Objective third parties can be helpful

People going through a divorce want to express their feelings and talk about what they are experiencing. Being able to open up to a trusted person can help people maintain calm emotions and make prudent decisions. Friends and family members may not be the best option for talking through feelings. People close to the couple may let their own emotions drive the dialogue, fanning the flames of conflict. A trustworthy, non-judgemental person to confide in can be instrumental in maintaining a friendly divorce.

Divorce is a gradual process and long-term decision

An article in Psychology Today, clinical psychologist Susan Heitler, Ph.D. says that prior to the actual legal settlement involving a family law attorney, people should be divorced emotionally. From that position, it is easier to work toward reaching agreements on separate parenting, separate finances, separate assets, and separate lives.