A scissor cutting a marriage certification, divorce

When divorcing, keeping tabs on finances can become an all-consuming goal. For many, finding an affordable divorce lawyer is the first step in that process.

Money-minded individuals in the process of getting divorced should take care to choose a divorce attorney who:

  • Provides a detailed estimate of expenses. This is perhaps the most important, as the affordability of divorce depends on a number of factors. Knowing whether a divorce lawyer will bill for travel time and expenses in addition to time spent in consultations and the courtroom is just one of many considerations.
  • Listens to questions. A good divorce attorney will listen to a client’s questions and concerns with patience before providing thoughtful answers. Affordable does not have to mean dismissive, short, or unsubstantial responses.
  • Has relevant credentials. Just having qualifications is not enough. A low-cost divorce lawyer who is active in local professional organizations, one who works to keep abreast of legislative change and trends, is a better option.
  • Is relatable. Hiring the cheapest divorce lawyer can cost a person in other ways. When meeting with a potential divorce attorney, clients should consider how the attorney handles communication and whether they feel it’s a good fit for their needs. It’s hard to put a price on compatibility.

What’s more, when choosing between affordable divorce lawyers, one should take care not to compromise on quality. Instead of settling for the first low estimate received, the budget-conscious clients should:

  • Review estimates thoroughly, ensuring that all costs are clearly stated, including potential areas of expenditure (such as travel), clear hourly rates, and relevant filing fees.
  • Discuss financial matters frankly: establishing clear financial objectives prior to discussing settlements is part of what differentiates good affordable divorce lawyers from a mediocre one.
  • Be rational: particularly where saving money is concerned, clients able to focus on objectives rather than feelings find greater success. If a lawyer seems a good fit but is miles outside the normal commute, choosing one with offices nearer the courthouse, home or workplace will save money and time.
  • Understand their financial situation. Most importantly, before meeting with divorce attorneys, clients should have a clear understanding of their own financial situation. This allows divorce attorneys to remain affordable by starting from a strong negotiation point.

Having a grasp of financial data at all stages during divorce proceedings is the key to achieving a solid settlement through affordable divorce lawyers.