Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never something that should be rushed into. Preparation and planning are essential to ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible. To that end, the following are preparation that should be made prior to filing for divorce.

  1. Gather Records and Documentation. Safely store copies of financial, property, medical, and any legal records. These can prove income, expenses, assets, etc. Having these makes it easier to divide assets and overcome any disputes that may arise.
  2. Inventory Assets & Debts. Make a thorough list of personal property, non-marital property, and any debts within the marriage. This list can help with the equitable division of assets.
  3. Open a PO Box. This gives you a safe, secure location to receive confidential mail. This can be especially important in a contentious divorce.
  4. Start Saving. A rainy day fund can cover living expenses and other expenses that can arise during divorce proceedings. Setting money aside helps reduce financial pressures through the divorce. It is best to set this account up at a new bank. It is also advisable to set up new credit cards and accounts without the spouse’s name attached.
  5. Change Wills & Life Insurance Policies. Redesignating heirs, amending beneficiaries and changing power of attorney are essential steps to take. This helps protect assets and possessions during the divorce should something occur.
  6. Consult a Family Lawyer. There are a number of new laws in Illinois related to divorce. These will have an impact on proceedings over the coming year and it’s best to know how they will impact the divorce when it comes to custody, division of assets, etc.
  7. Seek Financial and Emotional Counseling. These can help prepare individuals for life after the divorce. Starting financial and emotional counseling before the divorce begins makes it easier to start taking a new path even before the old path has concluded.
  8. Make a Plan. The plan should include steps that will need to be taken to cover housing, monthly expenses, children, and other facets of a daily life. The more these are prepared for and planned, the smoother the process will be.

The most important divorce preparation tip is to remain organized and flexible. Divorce can be fluid and plans can change. Organization and flexibility make it easier to adjust to changes. In turn, this can make it possible to conclude the divorce quickly and efficiently. The end result of this is that everyone in the family can move forward and begin living their post-divorce life.