Luxurious home

For many Illinois homeowners, the idea of putting a home on the market can be intimidating. A real estate lawyer in Schaumburg understands that there are many different steps that have to be taken before the closing documents can be signed, and getting a household ready to sell is just the beginning. However, putting effort into improving the overall look of a property can go a long way in improving the odds of spending fewer days with a “for sale” sign in the front yard.

While the interior of a home can entice potential buyers to make an offer, the exterior can be the selling point in many cases. Improving curb appeal not only draws foot traffic into a property, but it also provides a good first impression. Anyone considering selling their house should think about incorporating one of the following landscaping ideas into his or her to-do list.

  1. Clean it up

An overgrown yard can be a distraction to buyers. They may not be able to see the home behind the weeds that need to be pulled, the lawn that needs to be mowed or the branches that need to be trimmed. According to, investing in landscaping can result in a 215 percent return in increased home value. A project as simple as cleaning up a cluttered yard may help sellers get more than their asking price and spend less time on the market.

  1. Make repairs

Noticeable irrigation issues can cause a potential buyer to reconsider making an offer on an otherwise attractive house. A sprinkler system that needs work should be repaired before listing. This may require the assistance of a landscaping professional who can make the necessary fixes and maintain other aspects of the system that can end up as a selling point.

  1. Add color

A real estate lawyer in Schaumburg knows that residences featuring flowering shrubs, perennials or annual blooms can be eye-catching to those looking to purchase a new property. Adding colorful plants to a landscape design is a quick and inexpensive way to alter the overall look of a home. Flower beds, garden spots and even planting containers can all be enhanced with the help of a few seasonal plants, even in the early spring and late fall.

Preparing to list a property requires a lot of foresight and consideration, due to the many factors involved. Some homeowners choose to work with a real estate lawyer in Schaumburg as they contemplate each of the steps that should be completed to ensure a successful sale.