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When homeowners in Illinois go to sell their home with the assistance of a DuPage County real estate attorney, they often desire to find a buyer as soon as possible. Although finding the right purchaser can sometimes be difficult, there are a few things sellers can do to enhance the chances of their home selling quickly.

  1. Price the home correctly

Sellers should keep in mind that their property does not have to be the lowest priced house in the neighborhood, especially if they have invested in significant improvements. However, sellers should make sure that their home is priced similarly to comparable homes currently on the market.

Those trying to determine a fair price for their home should put themselves in the situation of a buyer and think about what someone looking at their home might believe is a good price. They should also consult with a real estate agent in their area and look at real estate websites to view comparable listings and their prices.

  1. Appeal to prospective buyers

While trying to sell their home, property owners working with a DuPage County real estate attorney should enhance their home’s interior and exterior to appeal to prospective buyers. This can be done using some of the following strategies:

  • Homeowners should improve their home’s curb appeal by planting new flowers, replacing their old mailbox or painting the front door.
  • Those selling their home should update it by painting the interior or adding new fixtures.
  • The interior of the home should be kept clean and clutter should be eliminated.

Homeowners in the process of selling their home should also depersonalize it to help potential buyers picture themselves living in the house. This can be done by taking down family photos, removing religious items and eliminating toiletries from the bathrooms.

  1. Include incentives

Homeowners may be more likely to get their home to sell quickly if they offer incentives that are attractive to buyers. For example, sellers may want to offer to pay closing costs or suggest that they will pay a certain amount of credit toward these costs. Those trying to sell their home may also want to consider offering a transferrable home warranty or agreeing to close on the home within 30 to 60 days after a sale is made.

During the selling process, those who find a buyer quickly will likely want to make sure that the rest of the transaction goes smoothly. In this situation, homeowners may benefit from turning to a DuPage County real estate attorney for legal assistance as they transfer ownership of the property to the buyer.