An Illinois land trust, governed by numerous Illinois statutes, offers a real estate title option that is not available to individuals in most other states.
Most people are aware that different types of property are titled to demonstrate ownership. In the world of real estate, that title is referred to as a deed.
Spring is just a few months away which means that the real estate market is about to heat up.
Property taxes are scheduled to rise throughout the Chicago area in the coming year.
When the housing bubble burst in 2008, millions of Americans faced the real possibility of losing their houses.
One of the main challenges homebuyers face during the purchasing process is gaining approval on a home loan.
When home buyers in Illinois go to purchase property, many mistakenly believe that the only cost associated with buying a home is the actual selling price of the house.
Those interested in purchasing an investment property in Illinois may originally believe that buying a single-family home is the best choice. However, purchasing a one-bedroom condo as a real estate investment can be an extremely profitable option.
For many potential homebuyers in Illinois, finding the house of their dreams is easy while determining what to bid on it is a challenge.
Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by municipalities in Illinois to regulate how land is used and developed within state borders.
A final walk-through is an inspection performed a few days or a few hours on a home before the future owners close on the property.
When buyers look at a new home in Illinois, they often get caught up in their emotions. This can make it difficult for buyers to imagine any problems with the property.