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Is a Virtual Divorce Right for You?

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The COVID-19 pandemic made many legal needs turn virtual, and virtual divorce is providing an option for couples seeking divorce who want to be as safe as possible from the virus. With virtual divorce options, couples can finalize their divorce without having to go to the attorney's office or even … [read more]

Modifying Child Custody Due to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many parents to reconsider their child custody arrangements, particularly in cases where a custodial parent's job may put a child at risk. Understanding what the IL law requires and allows in changing custody arrangements will help parents decide if it's time to … [read more]

How to Prepare Your Child for Testimony in an Illinois Custody Case

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Children often need to give a testimony in an Illinois custody case, and parents can make this process easier on the children by preparing them ahead of time. This responsibility falls under the role of the guardian at litem and it requires careful care to ensure the child understands their role in … [read more]

Can Parents’ Mental Health Records Be Revealed in Child Custody Cases?

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When parents are entering a child custody case, mental health records may be part of the discussion, and patient-client privilege may not always apply. The goal of child custody proceedings is to make a decision that serves the child's best interests. A parent's mental health may impact what those … [read more]

Does Child Support Include College Expenses?

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Typically child support ends when a child turns 18, but in cases where a child decides to attend post-high school education in some form, support payments often need to continue. Parents who have primary custody of a child who is entering the college years may need to work with a family law attorney … [read more]

In Illinois What Factors Are Considered in Awarding Parental Responsibility (Custody)?

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Courts awarding parental responsibility in child custody cases must consider many factors, including the wishes of both the parents and the child, the child's current relationships, and mental and physical health for all involved. Weighing these choices is not easy, and often requires the help of a … [read more]

Can Buyers Back Out of Real Estate Agreements During the Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented legal questions, and many are wondering if their real estate contracts are enforceable in light of the current world situation. A real estate sales contract is legally binding, and walking away from it puts the buyer's earnest money at risk. Does the … [read more]

How Illinois Courts Handle Death During Divorce

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A scissor is cutting a marriage certificate Because divorces can take months or even years to finalize, some people end up facing the reality of having their spouse die before the divorce is final, and this creates complications that must be addressed. If there are unresolved issues in the … [read more]

What You Should Know About Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities After Divorce

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Children are playing football When parents head to divorce, their child's extracurricular activities are one of the many things they must address, ensuring that the child's needs are met and the activities handled in a fair manner. Extracurricular activities are an important part of building up a … [read more]

What Is a Private Listing Network?

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A house model with for sale words under the frame In high-value markets like Chicago, many top properties sell every day without ever being listed publicly because of the private listing network, and this network helps sellers get top dollar for their properties. The private listing network is a … [read more]