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Guide to Child Custody for Unwed Parents in Illinois

a father with his child, child custody

Unwed parents do not always share equal rights of custody and parenting. Parentage must be established to support custody rights or claims of responsibility for support. Questions of Custody and Responsibility The rise in the number of unwed parents has raised questions about parental custody rights … [read more]

Will a Balloon Mortgage Land You in Hot Water?

icons of dollar bills with a house, Chicago real estate lawyer

Balloon Mortgages generally feature lower interest rates, smaller monthly payments, and lower down payment requirements but the large balance that comes due at maturity may make them too risky for some homebuyers. The inability to pay the balloon payment due at the end of the mortgage term may … [read more]

Games People Play in Divorce

a couple ready to get divorced, Chicago family law attorney

Divorce sometimes motivates a spouse to use unfair tactics to delay proceedings or hurt the other party. It is essential to recognize these unfair tactics and overcome them as the parties move toward a fair divorce settlement. Games Hinder a Fair Settlement Anger is a common part of the grieving … [read more]

Homeownership Is Once Again the American Dream

holding toy house, real estate lawyer

The American Dream of homeownership is once again a reality for those who may have been excluded from the housing market in the past. Buyers who do their homework and understand the local real estate market can avoid disappointment and be ready to close on the home of their dreams. With more buyers … [read more]

Help! The Seller Backed Out of Our Contract

house deal, real estate lawyer

When sellers back out of a sale, buyers may be entitled to compensation for their losses. A contract to sell real estate is legally binding on buyers and sellers. Once the agreement is signed and funds are deposited in escrow, neither party can back out without consequences. Why Sellers Back Out On … [read more]

Parenting Plans: When the Other Parent Is Unfit

Girl holding a teddy bear, child custody attorney

Proving that a parent is unfit to retain custody of their children is often difficult and requires more than disagreement with a marital partner about parenting. Understanding of the criteria courts use is essential in establishing that a parent is unfit. The Best Interests of Children Courts … [read more]

What Kind of Divorce Is Right for You?

Divorce decree paperwork, family law attorney

Illinois couples who divorce can choose from several methods. Selecting the best type of divorce for their situation is crucial to a fair and equitable settlement that addresses all of their needs and protects their rights. The First Decision The number of divorces each year equals about half the … [read more]

The Key to Buying a House with No Down Payment

home for sale, real estate

Mortgage assistance programs make it possible for many home buyers to purchase a house with little or no down payment. To make use of these programs, home buyers must understand which programs are available in their area and qualification requirements for each. Home Ownership can be a Reality The … [read more]

When the Stakes are High: Why You Don’t Want to Go Through Divorce Alone

a ring with I am sorry, family law attorney

Attempting to reach a divorce settlement without a family law attorney may result in unfavorable terms for one or both parties. Divorce agreements have lasting consequences. Finding an equitable solution to the issues involved in the break up of a marriage can be difficult. The Stakes are Always … [read more]

Is Your Real Estate Agent Looking Out for Your Best Interests?

real estate agent, real estate lawyer

A conflict of interest may prevent real estate agents from representing their clients' best interests. Dual agency and other less apparent conflicts can place buyers and sellers at a disadvantage. To protect themselves, it is essential that all parties fully understand whose interests the real … [read more]