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How Orders of Protection Work with Married Couples

how orders of protection work with married couples

Knowing how orders of protection work with married couples can be lifesaving in a dangerous situation. If there is any abuse or a threat of abuse between married couples, one spouse could request an order of protection that keeps him or her safe from the other spouse. If you are the victim of

How to File a Lawsuit for Unpaid Child Support

file a lawsuit for unpaid child support

Proceedings for divorce, child custody, and child support can be incredibly stressful without having to then enforce child support obligations. However, the spouse with the obligation to pay may fall behind on payments. You are entitled to file a lawsuit for unpaid child support, but you’ll want an

What Is a Typical Grandparent Visitation Schedule?

what is a typical grandparent visitation schedule

Under some circumstances, grandparents in Illinois may receive limited visitation with their grandchildren. Visitation time refers to time spent with children as granted by court order, like parenting time given to parents to care for and raise their kids after a divorce or separation. Extended

What Is Reasonable Spousal Maintenance?

what is reasonable spousal maintenance

Divorcing couples may wonder, “what is reasonable spousal maintenance?” Whether spousal maintenance is reasonable depends on information such as the parties' backgrounds, each spouse's finances, the acquisition of wealth before or during the marriage, and the duration of the marriage. Several

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in Illinois?

How Much Does An Uncontested Divorce Cost in Illinois

How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Illinois? An uncontested divorce can be an amicable way to end a marriage and generally costs much less than a contested divorce. That is because there is no need for a judge to hear arguments, weigh evidence, and render a decision.   When

What Happens if Your Spouse Won’t Sign Divorce Papers

What Happens if Your Spouse Wont Sign Divorce Papers

If your spouse won’t sign divorce papers in Illinois, the dissolution of your marriage is still possible. If time, space, and/or mediation efforts are ineffective, your divorce lawyer will explain your legal options and help you proceed with a default judgment for the dissolution of your

What to Do When a Seller Breaches a Real Estate Contract

suing seller for breach of contract real estate

When a seller breaches a real estate contract, buyers may need to contact a real estate attorney to sue for damages. In most cases, sellers are eager to close on real estate transactions. In cases where a seller tries to back out of the deal and cancel the real estate contract, the buyer may be

What Is the Difference Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce?

What Is the Difference Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce happens when a couple reaches a mutual agreement regarding all the divorce terms before trial. A contested divorce occurs when the couple fails to agree on one or more major issues and will depend on the court to make the final decision. A divorce may begin as contested, but

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate attorney focuses their practice on assisting clients with real estate disputes, ranging from the purchase and sale of commercial spaces, fights over HOA rules, tenant-landlord issues, and facilitating the purchase of a single-family home. Real estate lawyers practice in a broad range

How To File for Divorce in Illinois

How To File for Divorce in Illinois

To begin the divorce process (also called dissolution of marriage) in Illinois, one or both spouses need to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage tells the court information about the spouses, the marriage, the children, if any, the assets owned