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Homeownership Is Once Again the American Dream

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The American Dream of homeownership is once again a reality for those who may have been excluded from the housing market in the past. Buyers who do their homework and understand the local real estate market can avoid disappointment and be ready to close on the home of their dreams. With more buyers … [read more]

Help! The Seller Backed Out of Our Contract

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When sellers back out of a sale, buyers may be entitled to compensation for their losses. A contract to sell real estate is legally binding on buyers and sellers. Once the agreement is signed and funds are deposited in escrow, neither party can back out without consequences. Why Sellers Back Out On … [read more]

What Kind of Divorce Is Right for You?

Divorce decree paperwork, family law attorney

Illinois couples who divorce can choose from several methods. Selecting the best type of divorce for their situation is crucial to a fair and equitable settlement that addresses all of their needs and protects their rights. The First Decision The number of divorces each year equals about half the … [read more]

The Key to Buying a House with No Down Payment

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Mortgage assistance programs make it possible for many home buyers to purchase a house with little or no down payment. To make use of these programs, home buyers must understand which programs are available in their area and qualification requirements for each. Home Ownership can be a Reality The … [read more]

When the Stakes are High: Why You Don’t Want to Go Through Divorce Alone

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Attempting to reach a divorce settlement without a family law attorney may result in unfavorable terms for one or both parties. Divorce agreements have lasting consequences. Finding an equitable solution to the issues involved in the break up of a marriage can be difficult. The Stakes are Always … [read more]

Is Your Real Estate Agent Looking Out for Your Best Interests?

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A conflict of interest may prevent real estate agents from representing their clients' best interests. Dual agency and other less apparent conflicts can place buyers and sellers at a disadvantage. To protect themselves, it is essential that all parties fully understand whose interests the real … [read more]

Is Playing Hardball Really in Your Child’s Best Interest?

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Hardball negotiation tactics and attempts to undermine the other parent’s credibility when resolving child custody disputes can affect the well-being of children. An open mind and willingness to seek solutions that are in the best interests of the children are the keys to successful and healthy … [read more]

Lowering Out of Pocket Closing Costs

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While many closing fees are fixed, real estate closing attorneys will often negotiate who pays them, working with buyers and sellers to reduce out-of-pocket cash due at closing. Closing costs, or the fees paid to complete a real estate purchase, must be paid before title to the property is … [read more]

Achieving Long-Term Success as a Real Estate Investor

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Real Estate investment provides opportunities to grow wealth, but long-term success as a property investor does not come without preparation. Financial and property management skills, along with an understanding of the local market conditions are essential for successful real estate … [read more]

Why a Temporary Order Is So Important in a Divorce Case

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Courts often issue temporary orders to address daily living and support issues that arise during the divorce process. These orders can impact the final divorce settlement. It is important to carefully prepare and present evidence to the court to ensure that the temporary order is fair to both … [read more]