Many parents pay or receive child support in Chicago or Des Plaines, IL, and missteps occur for various reasons. Common mistakes to avoid in child support cases include failing to account for all of a parent’s net income, not checking the math
Proceedings for divorce, child custody, and child support can be incredibly stressful without having to then enforce child support obligations. However, the spouse with the obligation to pay may fall behind on payments.
Typically child support ends when a child turns 18, but in cases where a child decides to attend post-high school education in some form, support payments often need to continue.
Although deadbeat dads get a bad wrap, many moms fail to take care of their child support obligations when fathers are awarded custody.
In Illinois, unwed fathers seeking paternal rights must first establish legal paternity. A child support attorney Chicago who knows state laws can address concerns about paternity, visitation, custody, and child support.
New legislation related to child support will completely change the manner in which child support is calculated in Illinois.
While the impact that deadbeat dads have on their children is significant, their ability to provide financial support or spend quality time with their kids is often largely out of their control.
In Illinois, specific laws cover the topics of parenting time and visitation, and failure to follow a court order could lead to serious consequences.
Child support orders are common outcomes of divorce and child custody cases, especially when one parent receives sole physical custody.
Going through a divorce in Illinois is never easy, but adding children to the mix can make the process even more difficult.