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Child Custody/Visitation

Severe Parenting Time Interference Can Cost You Custody

The primary concern of courts in determining parental custody is structuring a settlement that is in the best interests of the children. When parents interfere with the agreed upon parenting time of the other, they place their own custodial rights in jeopardy. In repeated cases of custodial … [...]

Bird’s Nest Parenting May Be Beneficial To the Whole Family

Bird's nest parenting offers increased family stability during divorce and can be beneficial to both parents and children, providing increased family cohesiveness and parenting opportunities that otherwise might not exist. These continued family connections and interactions may lessen the impact of … [...]

Parentage Is Not Always Cut and Dry

Parentage is the legal term for the relationship between parents and children. Many factors can complicate establishing parentage. Feelings the parents have for one another, their relationship status, and their willingness to be a parent can all cause conflicts. When a child's parents are not … [...]

Stability Is Key in Parental Allocation Cases

Stability is an important factor in parental allocation cases.The Institute for Family Studies finds that instability has numerous negative effects on children. Repeated transitions cause feelings of stress that lead to developmental problems, academic struggles, and interpersonal difficulties. … [...]

Effective Coparenting for Divorced Parents

Divorcing parents must work together to achieve effective coparenting. Regardless of the reasons adults may be getting divorced, it is not the fault of their children. However, children still suffer, often feel guilty and caught in the middle of two battling people that they love. Child custody … [...]

Reasons Why Child Custody Can Be Modified

It is possible to modify a finalized child custody and payment, but the situation of one or both of the parents must be met before it can be considered. Illinois strives to ensure the safety and comfort of the child first, then to ensure that the care is not an undue burden on the parents. The … [...]

Children and Court Ordered Counseling

Illinois courts may require both parents and children to undergo counseling during the divorce process. Court ordered counseling can help parents and children resolve issues and move forward in a positive, healthy direction. Counseling may be ordered by the court if a parenting agreement is violated … [...]

Effect of Facebook and Other Online Posts on Child Custody Disputes

Facebook posts, pictures, and other items shared on other social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) can be used against parents in divorce and child custody disputes. Technology’s relentless push has improved the lives of millions of people. The Internet has enabled … [...]

Dividing Debts and Assets in a Divorce

Divorce can create difficulties for couples dealing with real estate, debts and assets, and spousal maintenance issues. When children are involved, child custody lawyers are often required to handle disagreements with child custody and visitation rights. Marital Property Laws in Illinois According … [...]

New Illinois Divorce Law Redefine the Concept of Custody

An overhaul of the Illinois divorce laws went into effect on January 1, 2016, and the changes to child custody terminology are significant. This is not the first time the law has been revised, but this reform is comprehensive and could have a major impact on how divorce is handled in Illinois. No … [...]