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Child Custody/Visitation

Do You Have a Parenting Plan for the Holidays?

Parenting and custody disputes during holiday seasons disrupt families and are emotionally upsetting to children. A detailed parenting plan that includes provisions for the holidays can ease the stress on children and eliminate parental disputes. Holiday Disputes Increase Anxiety While spouses … [...]

Illinois Orders of Protection: What About the Kids?

Orders of protection may name children and other family members to safeguard them from physical harm or other abuse by a family member. When necessary to protect a child, courts may also grant temporary emergency custody to a petitioner to care for the minor until the full court hearing can … [...]

Guide to Child Custody for Unwed Parents in Illinois

Unwed parents do not always share equal rights of custody and parenting. Parentage must be established to support custody rights or claims of responsibility for support. Questions of Custody and Responsibility The rise in the number of unwed parents has raised questions about parental custody rights … [...]

Parenting Plans: When the Other Parent Is Unfit

Proving that a parent is unfit to retain custody of their children is often difficult and requires more than disagreement with a marital partner about parenting. Understanding of the criteria courts use is essential in establishing that a parent is unfit. The Best Interests of Children Courts … [...]

Is Playing Hardball Really in Your Child’s Best Interest?

Hardball negotiation tactics and attempts to undermine the other parent’s credibility when resolving child custody disputes can affect the well-being of children. An open mind and willingness to seek solutions that are in the best interests of the children are the keys to successful and healthy … [...]

Getting Divorced? Your Kids Have Rights Too

The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers established the Children's Bill of Rights in 1998 to remind parents that they have an obligation to consider their kids' needs as they work through the divorce process with their child custody attorney. An equitable divorce agreement respects the … [...]

When the Custody Order Is No Longer in Your Child’s Best Interest

Situations change and what was in the best interest of a child years ago may not be feasible today, which is why child custody orders can be amended as life moves forward. When a substantial change in circumstances occurs, the courts will consider modifying child custody orders to protect the … [...]

Getting it Right with a Guardian Ad Litem

Courts often appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to represent the best interests of children in a child custody case and providing timely and accurate information without offering more than necessary is the best way to protect parental rights. Guardian Ad Litem Represents the Children Under … [...]

Disabled Parents Are At Risk of Losing Their Kids

Parents with disabilities may lose custody of their children when government agencies claim that the disability prevents the parents from adequately caring for them. To regain custody, disabled parents are forced to turn to the courts to demonstrate their ability to properly care for their … [...]

Would the 50/50 Parenting Bill Put Kids at a Disadvantage?

A bill before the Illinois legislature proposes 50/50 child custody, or equal parenting time, in all divorce cases involving children. However, equal parenting time may not always be in the best interests of children. The law's 50/50 standard may complicate efforts by parents and their family law … [...]