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How Marijuana Use Can Impact an Illinois Divorce

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. This can impact Illinois divorce cases if one spouse is a cannabis user, specifically in asset distribution and child custody. Because it is legal in Illinois, recreational cannabis use will have little effect on most divorce cases. However, in some … [...]

Is a Virtual Divorce Right for You?

The COVID-19 pandemic made many legal needs turn virtual, and virtual divorce is providing an option for couples seeking divorce who want to be as safe as possible from the virus. With virtual divorce options, couples can finalize their divorce without having to go to the attorney's office or even … [...]

How to Prepare Your Child for Testimony in an Illinois Custody Case

Children often need to give a testimony in an Illinois custody case, and parents can make this process easier on the children by preparing them ahead of time. This responsibility falls under the role of the guardian at litem and it requires careful care to ensure the child understands their role in … [...]

How Illinois Courts Handle Death During Divorce

A scissor is cutting a marriage certificate Because divorces can take months or even years to finalize, some people end up facing the reality of having their spouse die before the divorce is final, and this creates complications that must be addressed. If there are unresolved issues in the … [...]

Challenging a Judge’s Decision in an Illinois Divorce

A divorce decree document and a law gavel It is common for one or both parties in a divorce to disagree with some of a judge’s rulings. When this happens, they have the right to challenge the decision if they can provide specific legal reasons or information which might have resulted in a … [...]

Illinois Divorce: Why You Should File First

A divorce document and two marriage rings with a background of a law court Filing first in a divorce proceeding offers several significant advantages to the petitioner. By filing first,  the petitioner and divorce lawyers set the pace of court proceedings and deadlines.  The petitioner … [...]

Why You Should Avoid Do-It-Yourself Divorce

A hand with a marriage ring Couples who attempt to dissolve their marriages without divorce lawyers often make crucial mistakes in their settlement agreements. These errors can result in financial hardship and child custody disputes. Do-It-Yourself Does not Equate to Fair Illinois law … [...]

5 Signs a Contested Divorce Is in Your Future

Although it’s difficult to predict in advance whether a divorce will be amicable or contested, a few warning signs can help divorcing spouses understand what they might be facing. For the unprepared, a contested divorce can result in financial loss, inequitable distribution of assets, and loss of … [...]

Divorcing Couples’ Guide to Maintenance Awards in Illinois

Illinois law outlines the manner in which spousal maintenance is awarded in a divorce. Understanding the law's requirements can help ensure that the final divorce settlement and maintenance arrangements are fair to all parties. Maintenance Award Determined by Court Spousal … [...]

When Government Employees Divorce

Spouses and family members enrolled in a government employee’s benefit plans are officially linked to the government entity and may be entitled to benefits and retirement income even after a divorce. In cases where the government employee fails to enroll them in their benefit plans, they may still … [...]