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What Buyers Should Know About New Construction

a house under construction, real estate lawyer

Sellers of new construction homes are required by Illinois law to provide full disclosures regarding any defects in materials, workmanship, construction quality or safety. Standard purchase agreements don't always represent a buyer's best interests or contain language to protect his or her … [read more]

Bird’s Nest Parenting May Be Beneficial To the Whole Family

agreement, family law

Bird's nest parenting offers increased family stability during divorce and can be beneficial to both parents and children, providing increased family cohesiveness and parenting opportunities that otherwise might not exist. These continued family connections and interactions may lessen the impact of … [read more]

Illinois Protecting Homebuyers: Seller-Financed Homes

Happy family with agent realtor near new house, real estate closing attorney

A new Illinois law strengthening the disclosure requirements on homes sold with seller financing went into effect in January 2018. The new law gives buyers of seller-financed homes more protection from eviction if they miss a payment. The move by state legislatures is in response to a lawsuit filed … [read more]

What Is a Pre-Trial Conference in an Illinois Divorce?


Judges hearing Illinois divorce cases usually require divorce lawyers for both parties to meet in at least one pre-trial conference. At this meeting, the attorneys present to the judge the progress of the divorce settlement and discuss any new issues that need to be resolved between the parties. … [read more]

Beware of Foreclosure Fraud

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Foreclosure fraud tends to run rampant among distressed homeowners despite increased attention from regulators, law enforcement, and the media, and people who are at risk of losing their homes should be extra cautious when considering foreclosure solutions. One of the most common schemes that … [read more]

Parentage Is Not Always Cut and Dry

a parent with children, child support

Parentage is the legal term for the relationship between parents and children. Many factors can complicate establishing parentage. Feelings the parents have for one another, their relationship status, and their willingness to be a parent can all cause conflicts. When a child's parents are not … [read more]

Why More Couples Are Getting Divorced Later in Life

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Divorcing later in life, often referred to as gray divorce, is becoming more common, in part, because as people enjoy longer, more active lives, they grow apart and their goals and interests change. While the divorce rate for most other age groups has remained the same in recent years, the rate of … [read more]

Stability Is Key in Parental Allocation Cases

a father with his daughter, family law attorney

Stability is an important factor in parental allocation cases.The Institute for Family Studies finds that instability has numerous negative effects on children. Repeated transitions cause feelings of stress that lead to developmental problems, academic struggles, and interpersonal difficulties. … [read more]

When Defects Are Discovered After the Sale

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The excitement of home ownership can quickly be dashed if home defects are discovered after the real estate sale has closed, but home buyers may still have legal options. Home sellers in Chicago, Illinois must disclose to potential buyers what they know about the quality, safety, and overall health … [read more]

Secrets to a Friendly Divorce

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Following a few simple steps can enable divorcing couples to maintain friendly terms during a divorce. Friendly interactions, mutual respect, and open communication are more likely to bring about positive outcomes for divorcing spouses and their children. Friendly divorces are not the norm. For … [read more]