Do Unwed Fathers Have Paternal Rights in Illinois?

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In Illinois, unwed fathers seeking paternal rights must first establish legal paternity. A child support attorney Chicago who knows state laws can address concerns about paternity, visitation, custody, and child support. Paternal Rights in Illinois Unwed fathers who want paternal rights in … [read more]

Effect of Facebook and Other Online Posts on Child Custody Disputes

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Facebook posts, pictures, and other items shared on other social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) can be used against parents in divorce and child custody disputes. Technology’s relentless push has improved the lives of millions of people. The Internet has enabled … [read more]

Income Changes May Affect Child Support

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When parental income is either significantly reduced or increased it could affect the amount of child support required to be paid in Illinois. Child support laws and guidelines can be complicated, and recent modifications to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) effective … [read more]

Understanding the New Law on Divorce Attorney Fees

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According to the Illinois Department of Publish Health, there were 29,331 divorces and annulments in the state of Illinois during 2013. Although this appears to be a downward trend, the stress of a divorce takes a toll on both parties. Once the final ruling is handed down, there is a sense of relief … [read more]

Income Shares Legislation’s Impact on Parents

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New legislation related to child support will completely change the manner in which child support is calculated in Illinois. (Article continues below Infographic) New Law Public Act 99-764 was signed into law by Governor Rauner in August 2016. The law is set to go into on July 1, 2017. The new … [read more]

Chicago’s New “Income Shares” Approach To Child Support For 2017

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The income shares method of calculating child support is the most commonly used method in the United States. More than 38 states use this method, and Illinois will use it to replace the old percentage of obligor model on July 1, 2017. This new method calculates child support based on the gross … [read more]

Dividing Debts and Assets in a Divorce

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Divorce can create difficulties for couples dealing with real estate, debts and assets, and spousal maintenance issues. When children are involved, child custody lawyers are often required to handle disagreements with child custody and visitation rights. Marital Property Laws in Illinois According … [read more]

Easing the Pain of Divorce for Kids

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Every aspect of a divorce can have significant effects on the children who are involved. From explaining the news and preparing the kids for the changes ahead to the recurring challenges that exist with co-parenting, the way the entire situation is handled can make all the difference in the way … [read more]

When Parents of an Autistic Child Divorce

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For families who have children with autism, divorce can be especially difficult. In addition to the standard challenges that typically arise during a divorce, residential custody, parenting time and even child support often require special considerations. While the courts make these decisions based … [read more]

Disclosing the Realities of Real Estate

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Sellers of real property in Illinois are required to make disclosures to buyers regarding the safety and condition of the property. These disclosures give buyers the information they need to determine whether a property is a good or bad investment. Sellers who fail to disclose known defects and … [read more]