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The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports that over $100 billion in unpaid child support was owed to custodial parents nationwide in 2009.
Thousands of Illinois marriages end in divorce each year, and families are often left to deal with the aftermath.
Going through a divorce can be an intensely emotional experience. The end of a marriage can feel like a loss for many Illinois divorcees, and it may feel as though the pain won’t ever end.
One of the main challenges homebuyers face during the purchasing process is gaining approval on a home loan.
A recent study performed by researchers at Bowling Green University found that more and more older Americans are divorcing past the age of 50.
When home buyers in Illinois go to purchase property, many mistakenly believe that the only cost associated with buying a home is the actual selling price of the house.
Going through a divorce in Illinois is never easy, but adding children to the mix can make the process even more difficult.
Those interested in purchasing an investment property in Illinois may originally believe that buying a single-family home is the best choice. However, purchasing a one-bedroom condo as a real estate investment can be an extremely profitable option.
For many potential homebuyers in Illinois, finding the house of their dreams is easy while determining what to bid on it is a challenge.