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The Truth About Post Decree Modifications

Discussing changes on agreements

Two people discussing some paperwork in a meeting After a divorce, changes in the lifestyle of either party can require changes in the divorce agreements, and this is often done through post-decree adjustments. If the particular condition of the divorce is considered immune to modifications, a … [read more]

Chicago Real Estate: A Year in Reveiw

housing market

Real estate words show on a computer screen, and one hand holds a house model Chicago’s residential and commercial real estate market saw significant changes throughout 2019. Ever-evolving, real estate markets may experience effects due to a range of factors. Events at the state, national, and … [read more]

Child Custody in Illinois: Here’s What Can Happen When Abuse Reports Are Ignored

A scared little girl

A frightened girl hiding in the corner Child abuse reports that go ignored may result in continued maltreatment and allowed ongoing contact between children and those who have abused them. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 676,000 children of the 3.5 million referred … [read more]

Real Estate Investors Are Avoiding Chicago. Here’s Why

Chicago buildings

Aerial view of Chicago buildings Chicago's financial difficulties and investors’ fear of higher taxes to cover unfunded liabilities have caused some investors to delay property purchases or avoid the area market altogether. The city's commercial real estate values dropped significantly in … [read more]

Challenging a Judge’s Decision in an Illinois Divorce

divorce decree

A divorce decree document and a law gavel It is common for one or both parties in a divorce to disagree with some of a judge’s rulings. When this happens, they have the right to challenge the decision if they can provide specific legal reasons or information which might have resulted in a … [read more]

What You Need to Know About Dual Agency in Illinois

real estate agent with a for-sale house

A cartoon business agent pointing to a house model with for sale word Dual agency, or representing both parties in a real estate transaction, places legal limits on a real estate agent’s ability to represent the interests of their client. Sellers and buyers should protect themselves by … [read more]

How Your Live-In Companion May Impact Your Custody Case

A sad girl with her toy

A sad girl huddle herself up in a dark room Courts award child custody based on the best interests of the children. While having a live-in companion does not disqualify parents from winning custody of their children, the companion is another factor the court must consider. Live-in relationships … [read more]

Illinois Divorce: Why You Should File First

Divorce paper in a law court

A divorce document and two marriage rings with a background of a law court Filing first in a divorce proceeding offers several significant advantages to the petitioner. By filing first,  the petitioner and divorce lawyers set the pace of court proceedings and deadlines.  The petitioner … [read more]

Misbehaving? It Could Impact Your Custody Case

a broken family photo

A broken black-and-white photo, dividing a father from a mother and children An allegation of misbehavior or non-traditional conduct is not enough to show that a parent is unfit. To establish parental misconduct, the behavior must result in a lack of proper care for the children or negatively … [read more]

What You Should Know About HOA Rules Violations

a house is being decorated exteriorly

A big house is under construction Penalties for violating Home Owner Association (HOA) rules can include fines, legal costs, and even liens against the property. To protect themselves, homeowners must understand the HOA’s regulations and their obligation to comply with them.  Take HOA … [read more]