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Home Sellers In Chicago Are Reaping Record Profits

cartoon real estate agent, with a house model on sale

In 2020, home prices climbed to record highs as upper-middle-class and wealthy families went on a buying spree thanks to the climbing stock market and remote work. Millions of wealthier families moved to larger homes with more space and better conditions for remote work. According to the National … [read more]

Is a Shipping Container Home Right for You?

shipping container loaded in a truck

A new home construction trend is repurposing shipping containers to create standalone tiny homes, multilevel single-family homes, and even multi-family dwellings. Millions of shipping containers are sitting unused worldwide, which provide ample supply for thousands of container homes. Supporters of … [read more]

How Marijuana Use Can Impact an Illinois Divorce

Tobacco marijuana on desk

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. This can impact Illinois divorce cases if one spouse is a cannabis user, specifically in asset distribution and child custody. Because it is legal in Illinois, recreational cannabis use will have little effect on most divorce cases. However, in some … [read more]

Understanding Future Homebuyers

estate agent showing new home keys to a young couple

A recent study conducted by Fannie Mae found that Millennial and Generation Z home buyers look for smaller homes designed for more modest budgets. The market isn’t meeting the needs of these populations. Contrary to some opinions expressed, Millennials and Gen Z’ers say they do want to purchase … [read more]

Creating Opportunities for People to Achieve Long-Term Homeownership

A beautiful new home

For the past 40 years, home prices have sharply risen and homeownership has become increasingly out of reach for many American families. However, a collaborative approach involving builders and lenders can begin to bridge this gap. Wages have only risen 16% since 2012. Home prices … [read more]

Buying a House at Auction?

A house model on a shopping cart

Buying a house at auction presents many opportunities and risks. For example, auctions usually don’t allow buyers to inspect a property before placing a bid. Only people who are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of purchasing a home should try their luck at an auction. How Properties End … [read more]

Preparing for Homeownership in Chicago

Businessman holds a house model

Purchasing a home takes time and planning. Preparing for homeownership means reducing debt, narrowing expectations, and collecting savings. There are nine things every future homeowner should monitor, complete, or avoid when planning to purchase a home. Credit Score The first thing a loan … [read more]

Will Mortgage Rates Rise in 2021?

Mortgage, house model and dollar bills

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), experts predict that mortgage rates will rise in 2021 despite the Federal Reserve's efforts to keep rates low. The MBA also asserts that the 2020 mortgage market will exceed $3 trillion – an amount not seen since the boom in 2003. However, 2021 is … [read more]

How Does a Domestic Violence Conviction Impact Child Custody in Illinois?

Close up of man fist. Scared injured woman face on background.

Domestic violence charges can negatively impact a parent’s case for child custody and visitation rights. While Illinois does recognize that having both parents involved in the child’s life is in the best interests of the child, that is disregarded if one or both parents face credible charges of … [read more]

The Real Estate Closing Process for Homebuyers

Person holds a house model and a house key

The closing process occurs after the Seller accepts an offer but before the property is transferred to new ownership. In general, the closing process entails three things (1) final approval for the loan, (2) home inspection, and (3) getting homeowners and title insurance. The closing process is … [read more]