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Achieving Long-Term Success as a Real Estate Investor

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Real Estate investment provides opportunities to grow wealth, but long-term success as a property investor does not come without preparation. Financial and property management skills, along with an understanding of the local market conditions are essential for successful real estate … [read more]

Why a Temporary Order Is So Important in a Divorce Case

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Courts often issue temporary orders to address daily living and support issues that arise during the divorce process. These orders can impact the final divorce settlement. It is important to carefully prepare and present evidence to the court to ensure that the temporary order is fair to both … [read more]

What Not to Sell (Until After the Divorce Is Final)

dividing assets model, divorce lawyers

Physical property and financial assets acquired during the term of a marriage are considered marital property and may not be sold or disposed of by either party during a divorce without court approval. Eliminating or hiding assets to deprive a spouse of their value in the divorce settlement can … [read more]

Cutting Edge Technology: Changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry for Good?

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Technological advances like automated valuation technology based on machine learning can simplify and expedite the process of buying or selling commercial real estate, but AVMs may also result in appraisals that do not reflect actual market values. As automated property valuation methods become more … [read more]

Getting Divorced? Your Kids Have Rights Too

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The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers established the Children's Bill of Rights in 1998 to remind parents that they have an obligation to consider their kids' needs as they work through the divorce process with their child custody attorney. An equitable divorce agreement respects the … [read more]

What You Should Know Before Buying a Condo

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While buying a condo in Chicago is similar to purchasing a home or apartment, there are many distinctive differences that are crucial to understand. Buyers should never sign on the dotted line without first getting the answers they need. Condo Management It is critical to know whether or not the … [read more]

When the Custody Order Is No Longer in Your Child’s Best Interest

Upset child on porch, child custody attorney

Situations change and what was in the best interest of a child years ago may not be feasible today, which is why child custody orders can be amended as life moves forward. When a substantial change in circumstances occurs, the courts will consider modifying child custody orders to protect the … [read more]

These Real Estate Scams Could Whisk Away Your Dream Home

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Real estate scams can rob prospective homebuyers and owners of their cash and prevent them from purchasing their dream home. Scammers often target the inexperienced, the elderly and other vulnerable or less informed buyers and owners. An understanding of the real estate purchase process and the … [read more]

Getting it Right with a Guardian Ad Litem

Man holding child on shoulders, family law attorney

Courts often appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to represent the best interests of children in a child custody case and providing timely and accurate information without offering more than necessary is the best way to protect parental rights. Guardian Ad Litem Represents the Children Under … [read more]

Why You Need a Preapproval When Buying a Home

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Pre-approval for a mortgage is a necessity for home buyers who want their offer to buy to be taken seriously. Many buyers seek assistance from a real estate lawyer or real estate broker to better understand the Chicago home market and the need for mortgage pre-approval before making an offer on a … [read more]