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Getting it Right with a Guardian Ad Litem

Man holding child on shoulders, family law attorney

Courts often appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to represent the best interests of children in a child custody case and providing timely and accurate information without offering more than necessary is the best way to protect parental rights. Guardian Ad Litem Represents the Children Under … [read more]

Why You Need a Preapproval When Buying a Home

drawing an approved word, real estate lawyer

Pre-approval for a mortgage is a necessity for home buyers who want their offer to buy to be taken seriously. Many buyers seek assistance from a real estate lawyer or real estate broker to better understand the Chicago home market and the need for mortgage pre-approval before making an offer on a … [read more]

Disabled Parents Are At Risk of Losing Their Kids

a disabled parent with child, family law attorney

Parents with disabilities may lose custody of their children when government agencies claim that the disability prevents the parents from adequately caring for them. To regain custody, disabled parents are forced to turn to the courts to demonstrate their ability to properly care for their … [read more]

Tiny Houses Could Be the Key to Homeownership in Chicago

a tiny house, real estate lawyer

The emergence of tiny houses in the Chicago market may provide a solution for those seeking home ownership, but buyers should be aware that purchasing a tiny house is a real estate transaction with the same legal requirements as a traditional home purchase and may also be subject to other … [read more]

Would the 50/50 Parenting Bill Put Kids at a Disadvantage?

x markes on a couple' hands, child custody

A bill before the Illinois legislature proposes 50/50 child custody, or equal parenting time, in all divorce cases involving children. However, equal parenting time may not always be in the best interests of children. The law's 50/50 standard may complicate efforts by parents and their family law … [read more]

Mortgage Rates Are On the Rise: Here’s What Buyers Can Do

an increasing trend with dollar background, real estate lawyer

Mortgage interest rates are expected to rise with the improving economy, but home buyers have options to protect themselves from increasing costs. As of March 1, the rate for a thirty-year fixed mortgage had risen to 4.43%. Rising interest rates can cost home buyers thousands of dollars in increased … [read more]

Severe Parenting Time Interference Can Cost You Custody

a father with his child, child custody

The primary concern of courts in determining parental custody is structuring a settlement that is in the best interests of the children. When parents interfere with the agreed upon parenting time of the other, they place their own custodial rights in jeopardy. In repeated cases of custodial … [read more]

Nine Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Home

a woman facing blackboard with faq word, real estate closing attorney

Home buyers are faced with many decisions when purchasing a house and it is essential that they ask the necessary questions to protect their rights before signing the closing documents. Questions All Buyers Should Ask There are some questions even experienced home buyers should ask:   1 - … [read more]

A Common Law Marriage in Another State Could Mean Divorce in Illinois

a divorce certificate, family law attorney

Illinois family law does not allow common law marriage between persons who choose to cohabitate, however, the state law does recognize common law marriages that began legally in other states. Persons who entered a legal common law marriage in a state that allows them must seek a divorce before … [read more]

What Buyers Should Know About New Construction

a house under construction, real estate lawyer

Sellers of new construction homes are required by Illinois law to provide full disclosures regarding any defects in materials, workmanship, construction quality or safety. Standard purchase agreements don't always represent a buyer's best interests or contain language to protect his or her … [read more]