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Stability Is Key in Parental Allocation Cases

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Stability is an important factor in parental allocation cases.The Institute for Family Studies finds that instability has numerous negative effects on children. Repeated transitions cause feelings of stress that lead to developmental problems, academic struggles, and interpersonal difficulties. … [read more]

When Defects Are Discovered After the Sale

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The excitement of home ownership can quickly be dashed if home defects are discovered after the real estate sale has closed, but home buyers may still have legal options. Home sellers in Chicago, Illinois must disclose to potential buyers what they know about the quality, safety, and overall health … [read more]

Secrets to a Friendly Divorce

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Following a few simple steps can enable divorcing couples to maintain friendly terms during a divorce. Friendly interactions, mutual respect, and open communication are more likely to bring about positive outcomes for divorcing spouses and their children. Friendly divorces are not the norm. For … [read more]

What Is Imputed Income in a Child Support Case?

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If an Illinois court uses a higher income than what a parent is actually earning to calculate child support payments, it is referred to as imputed income. This may happen if the divorcing spouse is able to prove to the court that the other parent is intentionally earning less than he or she could be … [read more]

Proving Hidden Assets in a Divorce

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If one spouse is attempting to hide assets prior to or during a divorce, the other spouse can use a legal tool known as "discovery" to prove the attempted deception and uncover the hidden assets. Assets are categorized in several different ways. Marital assets are those acquired during the … [read more]

How an Amicable Divorce Can Impact Your Kids

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An amicable divorce can be more confusing to children than a divorce that ends a horrible marriage that had lots of stress and ongoing arguments. If one parent is abusive or in the throws of addiction, or there is constant tension in the home, divorce makes sense to children. In an amicable divorce, … [read more]

Effective Coparenting for Divorced Parents

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Divorcing parents must work together to achieve effective coparenting. Regardless of the reasons adults may be getting divorced, it is not the fault of their children. However, children still suffer, often feel guilty and caught in the middle of two battling people that they love. Child custody … [read more]

CFPB Updates Mortgage Disclosure Rule to Ensure Improved Consumer Clarity

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued various updates to the ‘Know Before You Owe Rule’ to make the implementation process smoother. The goal of the rule is to make sure consumers understand what they are getting into when taking out a mortgage. However, the mortgage industry had … [read more]

Who Needs a Prenuptial Agreement?

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Every couple should sign a prenuptial agreement before saying "I do" because it can become "I don't" in the blink of an eye. And many couples do eventually end up in divorce court. Prenuptial agreements protect spouses from the potential pitfalls of divorce including disagreements over property … [read more]

New Child “Visitation” Law In Illinois Significantly Affects Child Support Payments

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A new child support law in Illinois that went into effect July 1, 2017, significantly changes the formula used to determine child support payments in divorce cases. The new law requires courts to consider both the income of divorcing parents and the amount of time each parent spends with their … [read more]