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Chicago’s Real Estate Market Is Sizzling Hot

5 houses models on piles of coins, real estate market

The Chicago, real estate market had its most productive month in over a decade in April of this year. According to data from Zillow and Pulsenomics, there were more Chicago home sales in April than in any other month since 2005. The combination of higher savings from the economic shutdown and work

How to Sell Your House When the Market Is Slow

Person holds a house model and a house key

Selling a home in a buyer’s market (i.e., a slow market) is more complicated, but it is possible. Sellers can remodel and repair their home to update it for the modern buyer. Sellers can also work with a reputable real estate agency to stage the home and photograph it attractively for buyers. These

Is Your New House Making You Sick?

open window from inside room

Recent research has found that the air indoors is more polluted than outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities. Indoor air pollution poses a serious health risk to families and young children. However, families aren’t left with the unenviable choice of abandoning their homes

How Will the American Rescue Plan Impact Real Estate in Chicago?

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The American Rescue Plan is an approximately $1.9 trillion stimulus plan to reinvigorate the economy after it was shut down for most of 2020. The bill contains billions of dollars in direct payments, job training, support to state and local governments, small business grants, rental assistance, and

What Zillow’s Acquisition of ShowingTime Could Mean for the Chicago Real Estate Market

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Real estate agents in Chicago and throughout North America have voiced concerns that Zillow will use the data it collects from ShowingTime to promote its services and edge out independent agents and brokers. Earlier this year, Zillow announced that it was acquiring ShowingTime. ShowingTime is an

The Housing Market Great Divide

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The pandemic is furthering the divide between luxury homeowners who experienced a boom in equity accumulation and lower- and middle-income families struggling to purchase their first home. Sales of high-priced and luxury homes (priced above $750,000 and $1M) respectively increased by 85% and 88%

Home Sellers In Chicago Are Reaping Record Profits

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In 2020, home prices climbed to record highs as upper-middle-class and wealthy families went on a buying spree thanks to the climbing stock market and remote work. Millions of wealthier families moved to larger homes with more space and better conditions for remote work. According to the National

Is a Shipping Container Home Right for You?

shipping container loaded in a truck

A new home construction trend is repurposing shipping containers to create standalone tiny homes, multilevel single-family homes, and even multi-family dwellings. Millions of shipping containers are sitting unused worldwide, which provide ample supply for thousands of container homes. Supporters of

How Marijuana Use Can Impact an Illinois Divorce

Tobacco marijuana on desk

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. This can impact Illinois divorce cases if one spouse is a cannabis user, specifically in asset distribution and child custody. Because it is legal in Illinois, recreational cannabis use will have little effect on most divorce cases. However, in some

Understanding Future Homebuyers

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A recent study conducted by Fannie Mae found that Millennial and Generation Z home buyers look for smaller homes designed for more modest budgets. The market isn’t meeting the needs of these populations. Contrary to some opinions expressed, Millennials and Gen Z’ers say they do want to purchase