In Illinois, under certain conditions, personal injury settlements are considered part of the marital property and therefore may be subject to asset division during a divorce proceeding. Certain items, like gifts or inheritances, are not considered marital property.
Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. This can impact Illinois divorce cases if one spouse is a cannabis user, specifically in asset distribution and child custody. Because it is legal in Illinois, recreational cannabis use will have little effect on most
Because divorces can take months or even years to finalize, some people end up facing the reality of having their spouse die before the divorce is final, and this creates complications that must be addressed.
Couples who attempt to dissolve their marriages without divorce lawyers often make crucial mistakes in their settlement agreements. These errors can result in financial hardship and child custody disputes.
Illinois law outlines the manner in which spousal maintenance is awarded in a divorce. Understanding the law’s requirements can help ensure that the final divorce settlement and maintenance arrangements are fair to all parties.
Spouses and family members enrolled in a government employee’s benefit plans are officially linked to the government entity and may be entitled to benefits and retirement income even after a divorce.
Divorce sometimes motivates a spouse to use unfair tactics to delay proceedings or hurt the other party. It is essential to recognize these unfair tactics and overcome them as the parties move toward a fair divorce settlement.
Illinois family law does not allow common law marriage between persons who choose to cohabitate, however, the state law does recognize common law marriages that began legally in other states.
Judges hearing Illinois divorce cases usually require divorce lawyers for both parties to meet in at least one pre-trial conference.
For families who have children with autism, divorce can be especially difficult. In addition to the standard challenges that typically arise during a divorce, residential custody, parenting
Keeping the cost of divorce down is essential towards achieving post-divorce financial recovery. For this reason, it’s important to hire affordable divorce lawyers who can help navigate the legal process in an efficient and effective manner.
In the 1970s and 1980s, 45 percent of marriages in the United States ended in divorce, but divorce rates have been steadily declining over the last 20 years.
Few couples think about the potential for divorce when they marry for the first time. It’s something that happens to other couples, but not them.
Thousands of Illinois marriages end in divorce each year, and families are often left to deal with the aftermath.
Going through a divorce can be an intensely emotional experience. The end of a marriage can feel like a loss for many Illinois divorcees, and it may feel as though the pain won’t ever end.