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Community property

Common mistakes to avoid when dividing marital property

In June of this year, a new reality show is set to air on televisions across the nation. "Untying the Knot" will feature a mediator who will help divorcing couples divide their marital property instead of leaving the decision up to a court. For those dealing with divorce in Illinois, the reality … [...]

What is Illinois’ equitable distribution law?

Illinois equitable distribution law states that in the case of a divorce, all marital property will be equally distributed. The types of marital property that are considered during these proceedings include homes, cars, bank accounts, furniture and investment accounts. The law describes marital … [...]

Property division: Is it marital or separate property?

Division of property is a concern for most couples going through a divorce in Chicago, Illinois. Many individuals know Illinois law requires a divorcing couple’s assets to be divided fairly and equitably. However, many people may not realize this law only applies to property considered marital … [...]