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Is co-parenting the right option?

Learning how to work with a former partner to raise children can be a challenge for many people in Chicago. With the Illinois Department of Public Health showing that Illinois divorce rates are holding steady at 2.6 divorces per 1,000 people, or 45.6 percent of the marriage rate, this is a common … [...]

Create a safety plan before leaving an abusive relationship

Abusive relationships are common throughout the Chicago area. The people within these relationships are often confused and scared about where they should go or what they should do if the situation escalates to something dangerous. People who are involved in abusive or potentially abusive … [...]

Birth fathers’ rights in Illinois

As men in Illinois take on an increasingly active role in the lives of their children, their rights as birth fathers are changing. These rights are being reviewed, tested and have even made national headlines on more than one occasion. In December of 2014, one Utah father filed a lawsuit for $130 … [...]

Common mistakes to avoid when dividing marital property

In June of this year, a new reality show is set to air on televisions across the nation. "Untying the Knot" will feature a mediator who will help divorcing couples divide their marital property instead of leaving the decision up to a court. For those dealing with divorce in Illinois, the reality … [...]

What is Illinois’ equitable distribution law?

Illinois equitable distribution law states that in the case of a divorce, all marital property will be equally distributed. The types of marital property that are considered during these proceedings include homes, cars, bank accounts, furniture and investment accounts. The law describes marital … [...]

Property division: Is it marital or separate property?

Division of property is a concern for most couples going through a divorce in Chicago, Illinois. Many individuals know Illinois law requires a divorcing couple’s assets to be divided fairly and equitably. However, many people may not realize this law only applies to property considered marital … [...]

Grandparents’ visitation rights under Illinois law

It’s not uncommon for grandparents in Chicago, Illinois, to play a substantial role in the upbringing of their grandchildren. According to the Illinois Department on Aging, more than 200,000 minor children live in Illinois homes headed by grandparents. Sadly, when parents separate or a family goes … [...]

Battered mothers face uphill battle in custody disputes

Domestic violence affects many families in Chicago, Illinois; the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports it served more than 40,000 adult survivors in 2012 alone. For victims, seeking help and leaving an abusive relationship is often difficult. Sadly, when battered mothers try to … [...]

Eliminate custody disputes with a parenting plan

When parents divorce in Chicago, Illinois, it is not uncommon for the court to award joint custody. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act presumes the maximum involvement of each parent is in the best interests of the child, unless domestic violence has occurred. Even when both … [...]

What’s Covered by Child Support in Illinois?

Many parents mistakenly believe that an Illinois court-ordered child support order covers their entire financial obligation to their children after a divorce. Those parents are often surprised when the court orders them to pay for additional expenses above and beyond their child support payment. … [...]